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"Thrill to white thunder in Glacier Bay, marvel at sunlight at midnight and close-ups of whales, eagles and caribou.

Delight in Mt. McKinley's majesty and meadows carpeted with wildflowers. Amid unsurpassed grandeur and serenity, the true wilderness of Denali is calling.

Catch sight of a humpback whale or wolf pups frolicking in the snow. Alaska is as rustic and romantic as one could ever imagine. Whales, Wonders and Wilderness"

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From planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, everything you need to know about

Alaska and Alaska cruises and cruise tours.


Alaska Packing Guide


Alaska Cruise Tips: What to Pack for an Alaska Cruise or Alaska Cruisetour


Alaska Cruise Packing Tips -

Learn what to pack for a cruise to Alaska. Packing for an Alaskan Cruise is easy when you know what works best. Here you can learn what to pack for a cruise and get your own personalized cruise packing list.

More Tips And Information....


Average Alaska Cruise Season Temperatures

Glacier Bay

From May through September, temperatures range from 40F to 70F during the day and drop into the 30's and 40's at night. The best way to prepare for this range of temperatures is to dress in layers and to be prepared for anything from bright sunshine-don't forget those sunglasses to light rain.  Check out the list of items to include when packing for an Alaska trip.
May is springtime in Southeast Alaska so temperatures are cooler, with average daytime temps in the 50's. As summer sets in, June will have daytime temperatures in the 60's and by July and August daytime temperatures may reach into the 70's, or in the 80's in Juneau, but can also still be in the 50's During any month, the temperatures can be as low as 45F as you explore the glaciers and fjords of Alaska. Nighttime temperatures will typically be in the low 40's in the spring, mid to high 50's in the summer. Keep in mind as you cruise Alaska with a breeze, the temperature can feel a bit cooler.  Planning for rain is also important. A key element to your comfort and enjoyment is sufficient protection, both in clothing and footwear. 

Here is our Ultimate Alaska Packing List.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.


Cruise Tip:  In Alaska it's best to dress in layers. Bring a lightweight short sleeved shirt (your first layer), add a hooded sweatshirt), cardigan sweater or fleece sweater (your middle layer), add an all-weather coat (your top layer), & scarf if you want. As the temperature changes, simply remove a layer or two to be more comfortable.


  • Waterproof jacket preferably with a hood

  • Wool or fleece sweater or liner

  • Turtleneck or a comfortable protective long sleeve shirt

  • Comfortable footwear suitable for hiking and walking in wet conditions (Be sure to break in new shoes before your trip.)

  • Several pairs of pants/jeans

  • A good pair of walking shoes, preferably waterproof

  • Good socks

  • Warm hat/rain hat

  • Hat and Gloves

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunscreen

  • Travel umbrella

  • Good camera with extra batteries and variety of film speeds

  • Spare memory card and battery for digital cameras

  • Travel-size binoculars

  •  Polarized Sunglasses to cut the glare.

  • Day pack/backpack


Bring binoculars a good camera, with a built-in or attachable telephoto or zoom lens and with lots of digital memory cards so you can capture those whales, eagles, and bears and all the other wildlife in Alaska.

Bring your travel and health insurance information and have it handy at all times. Keep medication close at hand in your purse or in a carryon bag. Be sure to bring enough prescription medicine to last throughout your cruise, because it may not be available on board or in the ports of call.


Please Note: Firearms, explosives, fireworks, other weapons and knives or sharp blades and illegal drugs of any kind are prohibited without exception.

Important: Do not pack your passport, medications, Cruise Documents, ship boarding pass or airline tickets in your checked baggage. (Remember that checked baggage might not be accessible at all times.) Keep these items close at hand in your purse or jacket pocket.

We also strongly suggest that you carry or otherwise keep with you important items such as perishables, cash, credit or debit cards, jewelry, gold, silver or similar valuables,  tablets, laptop computers, cellular telephones, cameras, or other video or electronic equipment, hearing aids, electric wheelchairs, scooters, binoculars, film, videotape, computer disks, audio disks, or CDs.

Important: Please note that Medicare and many health insurance plans DO NOT cover the cost of medical care at sea, in foreign countries, or for air evacuation. For this reason, guests are encouraged to obtain travel medical insurance prior to travel. For more information about travel Insurance contact your cruise line or visit Travel Guard International, an independent travel insurance provider.


What To Wear Onboard

Days onboard are casual. To be most comfortable, we recommend:

  • Jeans or slacks

  • Several sweaters, a jacket, a windbreaker and a raincoat

  • Warm socks

  • Low-heeled shoes for deck activities

  • Don't forget your swimsuit, camera and a pair of binoculars (towels are provided)
    For evening wear, count on three basic types of attire:

  • Casual: Dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men

  • Smart Casual: Dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men

  • Formal: Cocktail dresses for women, suits and ties or tuxedos for men (you can arrange to rent a tuxedo onboard)

  • Ashore, you'll need comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. Cruise tours are casual, both during the day and in the evening.

Ultimate Cruise Packing List For any Cruise Destination

Packing for your cruise vacation can be one of the worst parts of a cruise. The only thing I can think of that I dread more is unpacking when I get home! Through the years, I have learned that a packing list is essential. Maybe it's my advancing age or just that I have learned "the hard way" by forgetting some essential item and then having to purchase it at double (or more) the price on the cruise ship or in a port of call.

One important packing tip -- If traveling with a companion or spouse, divide your checked items into two (or more) suitcases.

That way, if one is lost, you will both have some clothing to wear! It would be terrible for your spouse to have all of his clothes and you to have nothing but your carry-on. Also, be sure to carry-on anything that you cannot live without for a couple of days (or more), just in case your luggage is lost or delayed.


Use this list as a starter and modify it for your personal tastes. Some essentials and general items follow of this page, and I have a separate list for women and men.

News Flash:

Did You Know...Women Pack More Clothes Than Men

Women going on holiday take twice as many clothes as they actually need, a new survey has revealed. For years, husbands and boyfriends have been bemused by the amount of clothes their female partners crammed into suitcases. And now a new survey commissioned by P&O Cruises has confirmed what they always suspected - that half the garments never get used.  However, a leading psychologist today said that the 'over-packing' should not be seen as a fault as it demonstrates women's ability to plan for every eventuality.  Cary Cooper, professor of organizational psychology at Lancaster University, said that women only packed too many clothes because they had greater foresight than men. "Women are planners and they look at every eventuality. They are also likely to think 'better to be safe than sorry'. This is why they pack so many clothes when they go on holiday. And what's wrong with packing too much? It's better than packing too little which is what men are likely to be guilty of'' he said.


Packing Essentials

  • airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation
  • cruise documents
  • passports and visas (if necessary) or proof of citizenship (check with your cruise line for requirements)
  • vaccination certificate (if required)
  • wallet and fanny pack
  • driver's license and auto insurance card - in case you decide to rent a car when ashore
  • medical insurance cards and medical history (especially if traveling alone)
  • another picture ID - if you don't take driver's license
  • credit cards - be sure to call credit card companies before traveling to alert them you are traveling outside your normal area ATM card
  • watch
  • pre-paid phone card
  • cash or traveler's checks (be sure to keep traveler's checks receipt in separate location)
  • 3 copies of airline tickets, cruise tickets, passports/visas, itinerary - pack 1 copy in carry on, 1 copy in checked luggage, and
  • leave one copy with someone at home
  • contact numbers to report lost/stolen credit cards or traveler's checks
  • emergency numbers at home
  • prescription drugs and any other essential medications in carry on bag
  • glasses, contacs, contac cleaner
  • extra reading glasses
  • sunglasses
  • reading sunglasses
  • guidebooks and other port of call information
  • foreign language phrase book or dictionary
  • maps
  • reading material - books to read while on the plane or lounging by the pool
  • journal or notebook and pen/pencil - for making notes to tell your friends back home about your experiences
  • business cards with email address to give out to new cruise friends
  • currency conversion chart
  • plug adaptor and converter
  • cell phone and charger
  • PDA and charger
  • home and email addresses of friends/relatives back home - for sending postcards, emails, or gifts
  • laptop computer
  • binoculars
  • film camera and manual
  • extra film (don't put undeveloped film in checked luggage)
  • disposable underwater camera - for snorkeling or beach days
  • digital camera and manual
  • extra memory cards for digital camera
  • batteries for digital camera
  • battery charger
  • extension cord with multiple plug-ins
  • duct tape or strapping tape
  • walkman and tapes (for walking on deck or on treadmill)
  • small travel alarm clock - battery operated
  • lighted dial clock for cruise ship cabin
  • extra plastic cable-lock ties for securing luggage for return trip (better than locks, but one-time use only)
  • extra luggage name tags (in case yours are lost on the outbound trip)
  • zip loc bags of all sizes and garbage/laundry bags
  • small flashlight
  • night light
  • corkscrew (be sure to put in checked luggage)
  • Swiss Army knife or something similar with screwdriver head, etc. (be sure to put in checked luggage)
  • small umbrella
  • collapsible travel pillow for those long airplane flights
  • ear plugs or "ear planes"
  • small first aid kit (band aids, Q-tips, vaseline, dramamine, antibiotic cream, bandages, anti-diarrheal medication, cortisone
  • cream, aspirin/tylenol/advil)
  • Crazy glue
  • playing cards
  • sports gear (e.g. snorkeling gear)
  • bug spray (not for your cabin on the ship, but for those pesky mosquitoes and "nonos" ashore)
  • sun screen/sun block and lip sunblock
  • germicidal hand cleaner
  • handi-wipes
  • hand lotion
  • rubbing alcohol or foot lotion for soothing tired, hot feet
  • sewing kit and scissors (pack in checked luggage)
  • travel-sized Woolite
  • clothes pins
  • empty folding tote bag - for souvenirs or the beach
  • hats/caps/visors
  • insulated large coffee mugs


Women's Cruise Clothing Packing List

  • bras (include strapless if needed for evening wear)
  • panties
  • lingerie/night gown/pajamas/robe
  • compression stockings (for airplane flight to prevent swollen ankles)
  • exercise/walking socks
  • trouser socks or pantyhose
  • camisole/slip
  • purses (day and evening)
  • belts
  • scarves
  • gloves and stocking cap(if expect cold weather)
  • walking shoes
  • walking sandals
  • rubber sandals for reef walking and beach
  • evening shoes
  • costume jewelry and extra watch
  • swim suit
  • swim suit cover-up/pareo/sarong
  • thongs/flip flop shoes
  • work out clothes and jog bra
  • dress/outfit for informal nights on ship
  • dress/outfit for formal nights on ship
  • dress/outfit for casual nights on ship
  • shorts
  • tops of all types (sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved)
  • capri pants
  • slacks
  • windbreaker jacket
  • sweatshirt
  • evening sweater
  • raincoat with hood


Women's Sundries and Miscellaneous

  • blow dryer
  • curling iron or curlers
  • comb/brush
  • hair gel
  • hair spray (non-aerosol)
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • shower cap
  • bar soap in plastic container
  • deodorant
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • mouthwash
  • tweezers
  • make-up mirror
  • make-up and make-up bag(list can be endless!)
  • make-up remover
  • cleanser
  • moisturizer and freshener
  • nail polish and remover
  • nail clippers and file (be sure to pack in checked luggage)
  • razor and shaving cream


Men's Cruise Clothing Packing List

  • underwear (briefs or boxer shorts)
  • undershirts
  • pajamas and robe
  • compression socks (for airplane flight to prevent swollen ankles)
  • exercise/walking socks
  • black dress socks
  • belts
  • gloves and stocking cap(if expect cold weather)
  • walking shoes
  • walking sandals
  • rubber sandals/shoes for reef walking and beach
  • evening or dress shoes
  • "docksider" casual shoes
  • tuxedo jacket and pants (or dark suit)
  • tuxedo tie, suspenders, and cummerbund
  • tuxedo cufflinks/studs
  • sport jacket
  • regular ties
  • tuxedo shirt
  • dress shirts
  • swim suit
  • swim suit cover-up
  • work out clothes/T shirts
  • shorts
  • casual shirts
  • slacks (casual and dress)
  • windbreaker jacket
  • sweatshirt
  • raincoat with hood


Men's Sundries and Miscellaneous

  • comb/brush
  • shampoo and hair products
  • bar soap in plastic container
  • deodorant
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • mouthwash
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers and file (be sure to pack in checked luggage)
  • razor and shaving cream (or electric razor and supplies)


To ensure peace of mind while you are away, why not run over this last-minute checklist of things to do before you go?  Be sure to bring proper proof of citizenship, picture ID, visas (if applicable) and proof of any applicable
immunizations. Verify that your identification and travel documents, medication, jewelry, camera, film, cash and other valuables with you in a carry-on bag and will be available at all times.

 > Have the post office hold your mail.
 > Stop your newspaper delivery, or have a friend or neighbob take them in for you.
 > Leave copies of your passport, airline tickets, travelers checks and any credit cards you plan to use with a family member or

    trusted friend.


Bring your travel and health insurance information and have it handy at all times. Also, pack enough medication sufficient for the duration of the cruise/cruise tour. Keep it with you at all times and remember to leave all medication in its original container. It is also a good idea to bring your prescription for eye glasses or contacts.

 > Distribute your ship communications cards to friends and relatives.
 > Place a card with your name and address inside your luggage, as well as on the outside.
 > Bring your travel and health insurance information and have it handy at all times.
 > Verify that your identification and travel tickets are in your carry-on bag and will be available at all times.


More Packing Tips For Cruises

  • Always ask your cruise agent about any specific clothing needs for your particular ship. Some ships have special requirements that may affect your packing plan.

  • Although you can purchase many items on ship or in cruise ports, you will often pay a heavy premium, and may not find exactly what you need. For example, film for your camera will cost significantly more once you leave home and you may not find the size or speed you require.

  • Try to pack clothing that is re-usable on the cruise. For example, a men's blazer may be used on a formal night if packaged with the proper shirt & tie. The same blazer can be used with an open-neck shirt or a less-formal shirt and tie for an informal night. A formal skirt can be mixed with different blouses and/or jackets for varying effects.

  • Formal nights are not necessarily extremely formal. Some passengers, who enjoy dressing up, will go all out with tuxedo's, long gowns, etc. On most seven-night cruises, this is not necessary. The majority of men wear a suit or blazer with white shirt and conservative tie on formal nights. Many women wear cocktail dresses, fancy dresses, or suits. It's like getting dressed for a nice wedding. Young boys can wear nice slacks with a shirt and a tie. The more expensive the ship, the more likely that formal wear will be worn.

  • Many ships have self-serve laundry and ironing facilities in addition to the available washing and/or dry cleaning. Sometimes it makes sense to do a load or two during the cruise rather than pack enough of everything for your entire trip.

  • It's quite possible to avoid getting dressed up during a cruise. How? Simply plan to eat your evening meal in the Lido restaurant during formal nights, or have room service that night. You can even have a snack and a nap at dinnertime, and enjoy the midnight buffet in casual attire. If you're interested in a totally casual cruise, ask your cruise agent how the line you've chosen handles casual evening meals. By the way, Lobster tails are commonly served on one of the formal nights. If that's important to you, ask your waiter which night the lobster will be served.

  •  If you choose to travel with expensive jewelry, use the purser's safe when you're not wearing it. Although room safes are available on many ships, only valuables locked up in the purser's safe are covered under the ship's insurance (check you cruise contract, usually supplied with your cruise documents). Frankly, we'd recommend leaving your very expensive and/or priceless jewelry at home, or in your bank's safe deposit box.

  •  If you're planning to buy t-shirts, hats, etc. on the ship or ports of call, why not wear them on your cruise? You'll cut down on the amount of clothing you'll bring, and you won't need to plan for extra space on your trip home. If you under-packed (unlikely), you can purchase additional clothing during the cruise.

  • In the tropics, use light cotton clothing as often as possible. You'll be cooler and more comfortable.

  • Plan your carry-on load carefully. A larger carry-on bag (within airline carry-on requirements) is useful so that you can comfortably carry a change of clothing. Keep your carry-on bag safe when you're in the airport; never leave it unattended.

  • Carry all documents, medicines, essentials, and valuables with you in your carry-on. If your main article of luggage is lost or misplaced, can you exist with what you're carrying?

  • Do not plan to find space for a garment bag on an aircraft. Better to carefully pack your clothing in a suitcase than to jam it into an overhead compartment.

  • Instead of bringing full-size toiletries, like a full bottle of shampoo, save or purchase smaller plastic bottles and bring only what you need. Try sealing plastic bottles in zip-lock bags for added protection.

  • Zip-lock baggies, preferably the thicker freezer-type, are great for keeping things dry, especially when you go to the beach. You can stuff your credit cards, driver's licenses, cash, etc. in them and keep them safe inside your bathing suit. We recommend double-bagging them and you won't have any problems with leakage.

  • There are several reasons to bring your cell telephone with you on the cruise: 1) If you run into delays, you can call your cruise agent, airline, limo service, etc. without standing in line for a telephone; 2) You can use your telephone on the ship before it departs, and while it is still close to land; 3) You can make calls on the day you return. A cell phone is great for calling a cab or a ride from home, or making arrangements with friends who are already ashore; 4) Many ports have cellular service so that you can make calls directly without finding a phone booth. Cellular rates are usually much less than the ship's satellite rates. Some common cruising areas have surprisingly good coverage (The Bahamas, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Grand Cayman, to name a few), and if you have free roaming as a part of your service, the call might even be free; 5)
    You never know how a cell phone will help you in transit should an emergency arise. It gives someone else the ability to call you, which is sometimes invaluable.

  • Since many ships are installing e-mail and internet capabilities, you may wish to bring along a list of important e-mail addresses and web site URL's. Although this can get expensive, you might find it worthwhile, particularly if you keep close track of an investment portfolio or have important e-mail messages.

  • If you really depend on a hair dryer, plan to bring your own. Even if the ship provides them, you may not find them to be powerful enough to handle your needs, particularly if you have long or heavy hair.

  • A pair of personal communications devices (as kids, we used to call these walkie-talkies) is useful in keeping track of your traveling companions on the ship. As ships become larger, it becomes more difficult to keep track of one another. This is a perfect tool for young teenagers (check your battery supply!). Some ships even offer them for rent during the cruise.

  • A few emergency items are useful, particularly the flash light. It's nice to know that you have an extra light for your room, and it could come in very handy should your ship develop some temporary generator malfunctions. You'll also want to take a nightlight if you're staying in an inside cabin.

  • For Alaska and Northern Europe: Replace shorts, t-shirts, and short-sleeve shirts with warmer counterparts. Although you may wish to have one set of warm-weather clothing for afternoon wear on a warm day, you'll be more comfortable with warmer clothing.

  • For Alaska: You can dress down just a bit. Jeans are acceptable/desirable for daytime wear. Bring rain wear, waterproof footwear, wool socks, a warm sweater, a wind-proof shell, warm gloves, and a stocking cap. Although you may not NEED this much if the weather is warmer, cold (low 50's), windy and rainy weather is not uncommon along the coast of Alaska.

  • For Northern Europe: Temperatures can be cool during the summer, particularly in the evenings. Baltic cruises tend to be dressier. A warm sweater and gloves might be useful, particularly in late August. Absolutely bring an umbrella!

  • For the Mediterranean: Summer temperatures are similar to the Caribbean. Spring/Fall are cooler and more formal. Winter Cruises in the Med can be very cool, although snow/ice are not likely.

  • For Bermuda: Weather is beautiful from May through October, although cruising to/from New York or Boston can be quite cool in early and late seasons. Bermuda is in the Gulf Stream, while New York and Boston aren't, so be prepared for a change in weather!

  • Most cruise lines do not permit you to carry alcohol on board due to customs regulations.



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"Thanks so much for all your help and recommendations in making it so!" 

"I want to let you know how much we appreciated all your help in making our trip to Alaska a wonderful and unforgettable experience."



Alaska Sightseeing, Shore Excursions, Activities & Adventures


Nature & Wildlife


Anchorage: Kayaking in Prince William Sound
Glide through pristine waters on this approximately 3 hour kayaking excursion in Prince William Sound.
Copper River: Worthington Glacier Hike
Take a snow day and hike on the ice blue Worthington Glacier. After reaching the glacier, strap on a pair of crampons, then take a hike.
Denali: Denali Glacier Landing by Helicopter
Soar over the Alaska Range for a glacier landing to view icefalls, moraines, ice bridges and glacial pools as well as wildlife.
Juneau: Mendenhall Glacier Native Canoe Adventure
Be among the select few, under a limited U.S. Forest Service permit, to travel as Native Alaskans once did by canoe and venture within yards of the majestic Mendenhall Glacier.
Ketchikan: Alaska Wilderness Survival
This epic journey takes you to a wild and secluded island where you'll learn to build a shelter, collect food, and start a fire. Back on the boat, explore the Inside Passage coast with opportunities to discover a variety of wildlife species.
Mt. McKinley: Three Rivers Tour
Board the fully-enclosed McKinley Queen jet boat and cruise along three rivers that offer panoramic views of Mt. McKinley and breathtaking flora and fauna.
Skagway: Horseback Riding Adventure
Escape the hustle and bustle of port and come discover the awe-inspiring Alaska beauty just as the pioneers did on horseback!
Anchorage: Prince William Sound 26 Glacier Tour
Hop aboard a high-speed catamaran and travel 140 miles into Prince William Sound to see 26 named glaciers, as well as an abundance
of wildlife.
Copper River: Copper Country Discovery Tour
Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Copper River Country. Enjoy a scenic van ride and interpretive discussion with a professional naturalist guide.
Juneau: Whale Watching & Wildlife Quest
Experience southeast Alaska's incredible scenery and amazing natural history on this exceptional wildlife excursion that offers a whale-sighting guarantee.
Ketchikan: Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour
Join a 3-hour cruise aboard the Aleutian Ballad from season
two of the TV series Deadliest Catch to learn about the world of commercial fisherman.
Ketchikan: Neets Bay Bear Watch & Flight
After an exhilarating 25-minute flight, embark on a nature walk to Neets Bay in Tongass National Forest, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get an up-close view of black bears.
Skagway: Haines Wilderness River Adventure
A jet boat tour deep into the heart of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve offers a true wilderness experience where you may see eagles, moose and bears.

Sightseeing & City Tours Special Interests


Fairbanks: Fairbanks Highlights Adventure
Visit Fairbanks' top attractions - The Morris Thompson Cultural Center, Museum of the North and Santa Claus House in North Pole where it's Christmas year-round!
Juneau: Juneau's Exclusive Highlights
Experience Juneau's most scenic, unique and historic sites from the comfort of a deluxe minibus on this small group adventure.
Kenai: Explore Historic Seward
Take a guided tour along Alaska's only National Scenic Byway to the historic town of Seward, where attractions include the Seward Museum, Alaska Sealife Center, Exit Glacier and more.
Ketchikan: Saxman Native Village & Totem Pole Park
Visit fascinating Saxman Native Village, witness Native dancing and see the craft of totem carving before taking a motorcoach tour of historic Ketchikan.
Seattle: Space Needle, Pike Place Market & City Tour
See Seattle's premier attractions, from the soaring Space Needle to vibrant Pike Place Market.
Skagway: White Pass Scenic Railway
Take a thrilling ride aboard the historic Gold Rush-era White Pass & Yukon Railroad.
Victoria, B.C., Canada: Victoria by Horse-Drawn Trolley Experience the beauty of Victoria by horse-drawn trolley, a timeless tradition and wonderful way to view this historic city.
Denali: Music of Denali Dinner Theatre
Delight in a wonderful, feel-good musical comedy paired with an all-you-can-eat Alaskan dinner buffet.
Fairbanks: Chena Hot Springs
Experience the "hottest" and "coolest" attractions in Alaska - a natural hot springs, ice museum and great dinner!
Juneau: Salmon Sportfishing Adventure
Fish for salmon in one of the most productive fishing grounds in southeast Alaska.
Kenai: Gold Panning with "Prospector John"
Enjoy a true gold panning experience with Prospector John as he takes you back to the days of the Gold Rush, then through the steps of modern and old-time techniques.
Skagway: Gold Panning, Sled Dogs & Exclusive Scenic Railway Relive life as a prospector on this tour that takes you back in time to the Gold Rush. Ride the vintage railcars on the historic White Pass Railway with a costumed guide and celebrate your adventure at the summit with a one-of-a-kind Klondike toast.
Victoria, B.C., Canada: Enchanting Butchart Gardens
This 55-acre floral wonderland, featuring themed gardens and meandering paths, is illuminated with colored lights and magical effects.


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